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Super Soft Glo-Plush 7.5” | Grace the Giraffe

Super Soft Glo-Plush 7.5” | Grace the Giraffe

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All the Glo-Plush animals have the same single mission: to let every kid have a good night and sweet dreams by providing an emotional support and an opportunity to release stress with the multi-sensory experience–cuddling, squeezing and glow in the dark features. Each Glo-Plush has their own personality and each of the characters glows differently, you’ll have to collect them all and see that for yourself.

All Glo-Plush animals live in a dreamy world full of color, hope and happiness.

Grace the Giraffe is the most patient teacher and graceful inhabitant of dream world.

Your little one will love this multi-sensory experience! 

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