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Sweet Bamboo

Quilted Blanket

Quilted Blanket

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The Softest Quilt on Earth :-)

The newest addition to our bedding collection pairs our custom-milled Ecolux bamboo fabric with a fluffy fill to create the perfect quilt. Our exclusive bamboo quilt is double layered with one quilted side and one non-quilted side large enough to cozy up on the couch, tuck loved ones into bed, or make a custom fort for their growing imaginations.

  • 80"X60"
  • 1.5 TOG Rating
  • Silky-soft feel with 4-way stretch
  • Hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin
  • Breathable and temperature controlled for any season or environment


Please consult your pediatrician if you are unsure when it is safe for your child to sleep with a blanket, blankets are not intended for infants while unsupervised.

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