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Grey Distressed Jeans | Bamboo

Grey Distressed Jeans | Bamboo

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  • Drawstring Waist Feature: Say goodbye to fussy fastenings! These jeans come with a convenient drawstring waist, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for your baby or toddler, making dressing up a breeze.

  • Eco-Conscious Composition: Made from 60% cotton, 22% viscose from bamboo, 16% polyester, and 1.4% spandex. Bamboo is a renewable resource, so these jeans are as kind to the planet as they are to your child's skin.

  • Ultimate Comfort: The bamboo viscose ensures a supremely soft and breathable touch, ideal for all-day wear, be it a day at the park or a family photo session.

  • Adaptable Stretch: Thanks to the 1.4% spandex, these jeans accommodate all the wriggles and romps of childhood, moving as freely as your child does.

  • Built to Last: A robust blend of 60% cotton and 16% polyester means these jeans can endure the boundless energy of toddlers, frequent washing, and still maintain their signature distressed style.

Fabric & Care:

  • Made from 60% cotton, 22% viscose from bamboo, 16% polyester and 1.4% spandex. 

  • Machine Wash Cold with like colors
  • Hang Dry
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