Collection: Bunny Hopkins Collab

“Bunny Hopkins is built on three foundational pillars that define our family-owned small business:

1. Purposeful Design: Our products are purposefully designed to invite play and spark creativity. They are open-ended, allowing children to explore and imagine freely. Through imaginative active play, children unlock a treasure trove of skills, from creativity and self-awareness to perseverance and collaboration.

2. Made in the USA: We are committed to supporting local communities and manufacturing our products right here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our slow-made, small-batch production ensures that each Bunny Hopkins product is a work of art, handmade with love and care. We pay a living wage to our skilled artisans, and our "Made in the USA" label reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and community development.

3. Heirloom Quality & Sustainability: Bunny Hopkins products are crafted from premium sustainable materials, designed to endure the test of time. We believe in creating heirloom-quality toys that can be passed down through generations, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Bunny Hopkins acknowledges the Mvskoke people, the original caretakers of the land on which Bunny Hopkins HQ and Workshop are located. We honor the rich histories and contributions of the Mvskoke and other Indigenous communities who have nurtured this land. With humility, we seek knowledge of their traditions and commit ourselves to respectful stewardship of this land.”

Bunny Hopkins